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Thank you for your interest in contributing to LBYD. Unleash the writer in you  and gain popularity.

 General Guidelines

  • Post must be 100% original to LBYD (i.e. find nowhere else on the web or in print), an exception may be allowed if it was published on your own blog.
  • Posts must be about your experiences related to self-improvement and on topic related to mindfulness, minimalism, meditation, yoga, motivation, adventure & wisdom,health etc. – and cannot be used as advertising for any brand, product or company.
  • Post should be absolutely non-political in nature.
  • Posts should include a 2-3 line bio along with your photograph & may include a hyperlink back to your blog, website, etc
  • Your post may be edited/modified before being published.
  • Submit your post as a MS word attachment  at livebeforeyoudiechannel@gmail.com

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