Uncanny resemblance between Infinity Stones and the ancient Indian body Chakra’s .

While we hear very often that most of the famous Bollywood Movies are inspired from Hollywood.  Koi Mil Gaya(ET), Chachi 420(Mrs Doubtfire),  Sarkar(The Godfather) for instance and among the latest one in the list is Salman Khan's Tubelight which  took too much of inspiration from Hollywood's (Littleboy), and upcoming Tiger Shroff's Rambo is inspired from,... Continue Reading →

Conquer you own Everest.

What is that one most important thing which makes whole the difference in one’s life… With this I will be penning my thoughts in an open and impromptu manner. India and Greece has been the land of greatest philosophers. You name them and they were most probably from either of the two countries. If Socrates,... Continue Reading →

The Kaku Chronicles.

The Bomb Scare. It was during the times of Sino-India war, Kaku was playing marbles with his friends in the neighborhood near Mamaji’s house, suddenly they heard a loud noise, someone shouted “it a bomb blast", "it’s a bomb blast ” and hell broke loose for all the kids and they all ran for cover.... Continue Reading →

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