The Fountainhead of All Wisdom.

Ever since I finished reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, I have not been able to take character of the protagonist Howard Roark out of my mind. Roark has been characterised as fiercely independent Architect, who immensely believes in himself, is having extreme courage to stand up for himself and always kept his dignity and... Continue Reading →

Uniqueness: A Paradox

Shall we talk about diversity? Humans should be amazed with the vast assortment within their own species. With an array of different cultures, colors and personalities, the uniqueness of each and every being should be praised and embraced. Although that’s what everyone claims to do, they may not always be speaking the truth. Social media,... Continue Reading →

Second Chance

We have often heard this phrase - second chance. Now, your life is split between two types of people - the ones who are the believers, the motivators and the others who are not. When the whole world, including you, is against yourself, questioning the reason for your existence For all you bring is sorrow... Continue Reading →

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