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Livebeforeyoudie(www.livebeforeyoudie.co.in) is a Personal Development Community blog which attempts to add meaning to life, through real life stories of transformations, courage, wisdom & awakening. Taking you through an inspirational journey of self-discovery, self improvement and self actualization and offcourse as the name of this blog suggest it would revolve about the wonderful things to do before you die.

This blog would offers techniques that will show us how to live better every day through the practices of mindfulness, minimalism, meditation, yoga , motivation & wellness but not limited to them.


My name is Vipul Gupta. I love Reading, Running, Traveling,Hiking and Adventure sports. I am myself on a journey of self-discovery and felt a strong urge to share my life experiences with others and at the same time learn from the real life experiences from others.

Though I run this Blog it’s not just about me. It’s about us. I would love to feature the story of your journey and wisdom.

I invite you to participate in this blog by sharing your experiences & wisdom. It would be a pleasure for us to showcase your journey & experiences, for further details on publishing your work in this blog, you can refer to the “Write for Us ” page of this blog.

You’ll find posts about transformation, positivity, good parenting, mindfulness, spirituality, meditation, yoga, minimalism, adventure , investment planning, health & wellness or any other topic which shall help to take complexity out life simple, and making “Live before you die “as a new way of life.

You can follow Livebeforeyoudie on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook ,YouTube and Pintrest as well hashtag #Livebeforeyoudie👊

Hope you will like what Livebeforeyoudie(www.livebeforeyoudie.co.in)has to say about Life.

See you soon.




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