The Cube of Life :Life lessons from Rubik’s Cube.

Recently I was demonstrating my 9 year old son on how to solve a Rubik’s cube, and while assisting him in the process on how to put all the similar colored cubes together, I was patiently looking at the cube and was watching my son revolving it in a haphazard manner, and at that moment I started thinking about life and thought that life sometimes behaves like a Rubik’s cube and I realized there is so much to learn from Rubik’s cube.

Here are few takeaways from my observation of Rubik’s cube

Life is always beautiful & colorful: While we are solving a Rubik’s cube no matter how much entangled it gets, it still remains colorful and beautiful, the same is with life weather we are in a middle of a mess or going through some hardships surrounding still remains the same the Sun still rises the stars still Twinkle, birds still chirp but we become so much engrossed at looking at our problems that we fail to recognize the beautiful and colorful world all around us.

To Make something you need to break something: My son was getting disappointed whenever he had to break his color strip which he made with great efforts he was not wanting to break it and I went on explaining him that its impossible to complete the strip with the same colors unless we break them first, Isn’t the same true with life sometimes in order to achieve something we need to let go, a lot of other things those we have accumulated over the period of time, not just the material things but also our thought, in order to learn new thing we first need to unlearn, nothing can be poured in a cup which is already filled up to the brim, an empty cup on the other hand is ready to receive all that life has to pour in it.

Its important to be connected to the roots : While solving Rubik’s cube we first need to start with the center of cube and unless and until we don’t fix the color of the central cube we wont be able to weave colors around the central cube, so similarly if we forget our roots we shall always feel disconnected and won’t ever feel fulfilled, and the stronger your connection with the roots the more stronger you will be emotionally and mentally and the better person you will be.

mmtvtea55vn11_new.jpgImage Credits: reditt.

Life is full of twists an turns: Just like Rubik’s cube life is full of twist and turns and ups and down, however as long as we are clear as to where we are going,and our final destination we should be accepting the ups and downs as part of our lives and should never loose track of our goal and aspirations.

Its important so solve complete cube as a whole not just one face: Rubik’s cube has six faces and most of us can only solve one face, just like in life most of us chase only money and materialists things thinking if we have money we can buy anything and we have a strong feeling that once we are able to earn more money rest everything will fall in place, so we focus all our energies chasing money ,however there is more to life other than money, The most important aspects of life are health, family life, peace, happiness relationships and above all bliss.

Thinking and Planning is more important the executing: No matter how good or how fast can you revolve the sides of Rubik’s cube if you don’t think and plan you wont be able to solve it at all, so its important to take out time to think observe and plan before we rush for execution. “If we fail to plan, we plan to fail”

All problems in life can be solved: Just like Rubik’s cube All problems in life can be solved no matter how hard and frustrating it becomes, sometimes you need to practice, , sometimes you need to be consistent and most importantly you need to be patient , and sometimes you need to google your problems to seek advice on Next step.

Fun fact – The inventor of Rubik’s cube Erno Rubik himself took one moth to solve it before introducing it to the world.

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