Run is the new Rum, A lazy person’s guide to running marathons.

This blog is dedicated to all my folks who are super lazy, beer guzzlers, cheeseburger and pizza eaters, late-night party goers, procrastinators, foodies, smokers, Netflix, Social media & gaming addicts, couch potatoes, gym and physical exercise avoiders and beer belly flaunter’s , sleeping being their favorite sport(just like me), and the only run they love to do is to “run away from their responsibilities” .

But why I am even discussing running which is not even close to above mentioned traits. However the opposite is true,believe me running is actually a sport for the lazy, for those who cannot commit their time for gym or any other kind of physical sport, for those who think Soccer, cricket, Tennis etc. are just meant to watch on TV and not to play, those who think that investing money on buying weights or Sports kit is shear waste of money and time, and are too lazy to drive the car to the nearest gym. Then continue reading this blog as this blog and running is just meant for you.


All you need is a pair of shoes (not even that if you choose to run barefoot), no skill or training required, no investment required, no time dedication required, no routine to be followed, can be done in all and on the beach as well or in your society, weather you are on a holiday or travelling, can be done in a group or individually, all you need is to tie up your shoe laces and your are ready to go.

So let me start with the basics and will try to explain why should you run and how should you run.

So below is my perspective on why should you Run:-

  • To get “Me Time”.

Well running help you get a me time and helps you to escape from your Nagging girlfriend/boyfriend ,wife, husband whatsoever for some time . it also helps you to unwind, reboot and recharge your brain.

  • The weight loss loop.

The more you run the more you loose weight , the more you loose weight the more efficient runner you become, The more efficient runner become the more you loose weight. sounds interesting? if weigh loss is your goal just do it.

  • Stay fit healthy and live a disease free life.

If you do not want to die early and live a disease free life you must take at least one form of physical exercise, and running can be the easiest option as it doesn’t require any skills or any training.

  • Lift up your mood.

Running releases dopamine which helps you to de-stress, it calms anxiety and helps to lift up your mood and helps you to stay positive.

  • Helps overcome additions:-

Habits cannot be changed they can only be replaced”

Running is known to help overcome additions like alcohol and smoking and promotes healthy eating,however running itself be addictive and there is no cure for this addictiveness.

So now I shall try to explain How should you run.


  • Make a Plan

First of all I am too lazy to chalk out a plan on a piece of paper and whenever I attempted to make plans I always ended up in never following it, so instead of making plan I prefer using a mantra “Run 2 times a Week first run 4k(Wednesday) 2nd Run (10 K Sunday ) This is my mantra its easy to remember and easy to follow.

  • The Law of diminishing returns & Running.

Well I have been a lazy bum all my life so in running hard was never in my dictionary so I always preferred to go with Law of of diminishing returns oftenly used by Project managers it states that “The point beyond which adding more inputs will not produce a proportional amount of productivity” so be a smart runner as beyond a point it won’t give you the same amount of benefits, so run less and gain more.

  • Mix music with your Run

Music and running really blend together, Your running speed will be directly proportional to the music you are listening to. I barely can run a mile without music and can run until my phone dies. So make sure you choose the right music for your run your playlist should contain a mix of Motivational audios and thumping music

  • Run like Forrest Gump

Remember Forrest Gump saying “I just felt like running” in the Oscar winning move Forrest Gump. My takeaway from that movie is to participate in activities simply because you want to . Not everything has to have a deeper meaning, but when you start doing what you love it will develop a deeper meaning of its own. So run like no one is watching.

  • Uncomfortable V/s Exhaustion

Understand the difference between being unconformable and being exhaustion, Exhaustion is that very point where you just cannot push anymore, being uncomfortable is just your mind quitting before your body.“For who has conquered the mind the mind is the best friend; but who has failed to do so, his mind will be the greatest enemy”-Bhagwat Gita Chapter six verse six.

Running especially long distance running is more of a mental game than physical. The mind always fails first not the body, the secret is to make the mind work for you not against you. So whenever you feel like quitting take out time to think if you are uncomfortable or you are exhausted.

  • Don’t Compare yourself to others.

Famous Bollywood celebrity Sharukh khan was once asked how do you cope with competition with other co-stars and his answer was ” I didn’t compete with anyone my only competition is with my self “. Same goes for running so don’t compare the first mile of yours with the finish line of a marathoner especially if you are a beginner. Just compare your todays run with your yesterday’s run. And be better everyday.

So what’s your excuse for not running.

  • I am not a morning person:- Almost 80% of people are not able to commit to any kind of fitness routine as they the fail to wake up early morning, so the easiest remedy to this is to become an evening person, running can be done in evening as well as in the night.
  • I don’t have time:- Everytime my wife tells me she is getting ready in five minutes, I take this opportunity to run a 10k, her 5 minutes =my time taken for a completing a 10 K Run(1 hour approx) ,however on a serious note if you cannot give time to yourself then its worthless to give time to anything else.
  • I am too old or too young for running:- Fauja singh the world oldest marathoner (107 years old) started running at the age of 84 years, Budhia singh the world’s youngest marathoner ran 65 Kms at the age of five.
  • I don’t have a running partner :- So that’s in-fact good for you, you can maintain your own pace, Run wherever and whenever you want without being dependent on any one else.

So If you will follow above I can’t promise that you will become a runner but I can promise that you will definitely become a blogger, I got all my blogging ideas during my runs. So wondering what would be the title of my new blog, No its won’t be “How I ran a marathon” It would be how I survived my Marriage despite making fun of my wife in this blog “

So what are you waiting for, tighten your shoe laces and go for a run, see you somewhere near the finish line.

Happy running


P.S :- Vipul is not participating in upcoming marathons, as I just broke his leg :-Priyanka (Vipul’s wife)

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  1. Running is a lifesaver! The only reason I avoid it is for being relatively underweight, yet I find myself at the gym. Exercise is the solution ❤️


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