Uniqueness: A Paradox

Shall we talk about diversity?

Humans should be amazed with the vast assortment within their own species. With an array of different cultures, colors and personalities, the uniqueness of each and every being should be praised and embraced. Although that’s what everyone claims to do, they may not always be speaking the truth.

Social media, for instance, is blessed with self-help blogs and profiles with different purposes. One of them is to help restore the shriveling confidence of those who have been victimized by other types of pages, the ones that display contents that are contrary to the belief of supporting one’s singularity. We all know what those are: the pages that nurture a false and abstract idea of perfection. The “perfection” that has no interest in the beauty of diversity, but rather in the shaping of people into one type only.

As if that were not enough, the comparison happens not only appearance-wise. See, each person is one of a kind. They are born with traits which, independently, are present in other people, but when combined with other attributes specific to that individual, they become exclusive. How beautiful is that?


Still, society finds a way to brainwash people out of their rareness and squeeze them into a one-size-fits-all box, even though it doesn’t! This results in talents and capabilities going unnoticed, unexplored. It’s sad to consider that most folks will go about life without knowing what they’re able to do, aware that they could have pursued a specific interest that would change them and others, yet that has been disregarded and labeled as unattainable. The fact that they believe that is even sadder.

It is easy to get torn when there’s a tug of war between our own desires and those of others. Unfortunately, our inner voice may not be as loud sometimes and we end up giving in.

However, a little nudge in perception may help us think about individuality as a necessity instead of something that should be fixed. After all, why else would we be so different? If repetitive similarity were as crucial as we are forced into believing, then we would have been copied and pasted into this world, exactly the same as so-and-so.

Oftentimes, even the supporters of this diversity will refuse to be frank about it because they’ve compliantly lowered their heads, afraid they won’t be heard. The stigma around us is so loud, why bother trying? And I’ll answer it: because your voice matters. As cliche as this may sound, it does, and when it collides with the voices of other people who intend to embrace differences – not just make it look pretty on a web page – there’s a great possibility of a community growing.

With all that said, we can all agree upon the fact that variety should be welcomed rather than judged. Traits should be accepted, skills honed, beauty unlabeled. We are free to speak, write, draw about it as well! You name it.

How amazing would it be if everyone stood true to who they really are? Think about that.


Laila is a Brazilian Portuguese/English student from 
Brazil. She holds a deep passion for writing and aspires
 to make a difference to those who feel detached from 
this crazy, yet wonderful world we live in.She shares 
her thoughts over her blog "Thoughtinventory"

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