Do not follow the crowd and create the Bucket List that is unique to you

You may be 30 or 60 but there must be a list of things you have always wanted to do but could not. We all have our unique wishes that we want to accomplish before we die. The list of these wishes is termed as a BUCKET LIST.

If you have ever browsed the internet for how the bucket list looks like or what does it include, you would have found the clichéd items- Travelling around the world, Being an Entrepreneur or Jump off the cliff. You may want to do it too but your Bucket list should reflect who you truly are.

How to create the Bucket List that is unique to you?

Creating a bucket list is as much fun as making it true. You will experience the wave of happiness while you create it only if it follows your taste, your passion and your dreams- which make you Unique.


It should be doable

Your bucket list can have as many numbers of items as you wish to but it should be doable. What is the purpose of dreaming something which is not practical?

Chalk out the resources required for it and if you can afford the same or not. If not, you must plan beforehand so that it may not put you under Debt.

It should not make you or your loved ones feel uneasy. Discuss your wish with them and plan out the best time to go for it.

It should reflect your taste

Your Friend may have Bird Watching or Sky Diving in their List but you might not have similar taste.

You should do what you are passionate about. You should spend your limited time and resources on something that you truly enjoy. You Bucket List should tell your story- which is unique to you.

Do not worry if people make fun of it or do not support you.

I am a Nature person who always looks for green living and healthy eating. This is why I wish to grow my own Food and give my Kids, chemical-free vegetables and fruits.

It should challenge you

You may be a person who always loves to stay within your comfort zone but once a while, you should go for something that challenges you and pushes your boundaries.

I have this extreme motion-sickness that I cannot see a passing train without feeling dizzy. But my love for Paragliding has challenged me to overcome my fear. I did it in 2012.

I always had a dream to settle in my own Hometown for the love of Greens and when I got this opportunity, I left my high paying Job. Yes, it was a challenge choosing among both. My Friends told me to think again and search for an alternative but I took the leap and here I am- Happily settled in my Green City. Oh yes, I have a Job too.

It should give you happiness

Your Bucket list should make you happy even at the thought of doing it.

If you do not feel the happiness imagining it, you will not feel the joy after doing it either.

I feel happy when I imagine myself in the Park. Breathing in fresh air, walking barefoot on grass, watching the clouds- All these makes me feel alive. This is why Parks are my weekend destination.

It is not necessarily a one-time-event

Your wish need not be a one-time event or goal.

Sometimes, your wish is vague (unlike Goals)- Learning a language or dance form or any instrument which does not necessarily mean that you want to be an expert but just want to experience the process because it’s the journey that gives you more satisfaction and not the destination.

By learning Kathak, I do not wish to hold a degree and perform on stage but I wish to enjoy the process. I wish to cherish the sound of Gunghroos tied to my feet. I wish to feel the tapping of my feet against the floor.

Now, it’s time to make your Bucket List and share it with the world because Life is never too short to live without dreams.


ms-upasna1Upasna is a self-motivated person who loves to share her
 experiences of being a Mother, a  Minimalist and a Seeker. 
She shares her stories over her Blog
 "Life through my Bioscope". 
She has also authored an Ebook "A-Z of Minimalism".

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