Second Chance

We have often heard this phrase – second chance.

Now, your life is split between two types of people – the ones who are the believers, the motivators and the others who are not.

When the whole world, including you, is against yourself, questioning the reason for your existence

For all you bring is sorrow to the people around and all you are left with are your half burnt memories and a bleak future.

They will make you believe that all that is happening in your world is not your responsibility you are just a piece in the game called life.

Will help you wipe off your tears so that you may revisit that one moment when you were basking in sunshine and you are able to spot that tiny little gleam at the end of the tunnel.

They gift you with the hope and positivism, even when you have just burnt the world down to ashes.

They will make your realize that you are still worthy, just because you have tears in your eyes. Your tears are your soul keepers: they make you ache with guilt.

This guilt which you have hated all your life acts like shining armour and preserves your soul and helps keep it intact.

They are the ones who will tell you that “Everyone Deserves a Second Chance”

And yes…then there are the second type of people about whom you should really not worry.

Make sure when they are around you cover yourself up with the cloak of faith and hold on tight until they just vanish.

So, in whichever state you are….however much hurt you are… might be drenched in blood…..and your heart might be hollow due to pain…..remember to give yourself that Second Chance!



VandyVandy aka Vandana Teji is a HR professional who loves life and her writings are her  expression towards her  beloved.

A passionate dancer who is a fan of mother nature and can travel to the lands of far far away to spend some solo time with her. An experimental chef who only cooks for special occasions.

Her heart feels the pain around and she tries to reach back to all the hands which stretch towards her.

Her  motto in life is to continue to live long after She's  gone.
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